Practice Manager

Terri’s career in the veterinary world began in 1998 when she started as a receptionist. Her love for animals and management experience made her the perfect choice for a practice manager position at an area clinic. When Dr. Evans and Dr. Guevara opened their clinic and invited her aboard, it was an easy decision. Terri was excited not only to work with veterinarians she respected, but also to be a part of Callaghan Road Animal Hospital from the ground up.

Terri has been a pet owner since she was a young girl and has fostered that love of animals in her own children. While she has had hamsters, birds, rats, dogs, and cats in the house over the years, currently Zoe, a 10-year-old Schnauzer mix, gets all the attention as the sole pet. Terri enjoys traveling and shares lunch or dinner dates with her adult children whenever they can squeeze it in.